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The future of social care in 2018
The future of social care in 2018 Currently, it is thought that there are around 90,000 vacancies in the social care industry....
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Scheme helps youth re-offending rates to drop
Scheme helps youth re offending rates to drop Over the past four years, Glasgow has experienced a drop in the number of youths re- offending after previously being involved in the youth justice system....
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The importance of occupational therapists in the healthcare system
It is no secret that the healthcare system has been under increasing amounts of pressure in recent years, and with this being the case many people have been trying to find the key to change the way things are going....
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Young people missing out on jobs thanks to youth criminal record system
MPs have revealed in a report that the youth justice system is preventing young people from getting on with their lives after having been involved with crime in their younger days.
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Sleep-in carers to receive £400m back pay
Companies who provide social care have been informed that they have a period of just one year to work out how much is owed to those who worked as sleep-in carers without being paid at least the minimum wage for the time spent working.
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Christmas time and social care
Christmas is a time where many people simply think about their family, food, presents and having fun. For many, Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year, however if you are working in social care then there is a chance that there may be more challenges than you anticipated.
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The introduction of social worker apprenticeships won’t dumb down social work
Representatives of Skills for Care and more than 85 social workers at the national Principal Workers conference las week have said that the introduction of the 3-year apprenticeship will bring huge opportunities to expand the number of trainees in the industry and create new opportunities for career...
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5 top tips for social work students going on placement
1) Showcase your 'student' label You may feel that mentioning the word 'student' to your colleagues may affect their opinion on your abilities, but you couldn't be so wrong....
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How to build a successful career in housing
If you go into any classroom and ask young people what they want to do as a career, it is unlikely that you would get many stating that they wanted to go into the housing industry....
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Social workers unsure how to deal with radicalisation cases
According to recent research that was funded by the government, there are currently high levels of stress and anxiety in social workers who have to deal with radicalisation cases....
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How to keep safe as a Social Worker
Sometimes Social Workers find themselves in risky situations with people shouting, threatening, and even resorting to violence. Keep oneself safe is of utmost importance. Most Social Workers will know of a colleague who has been injured at some point in time. And many feel vulnerable....
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Managing the personal and professional: New social workers must learn to have separate lives to prolong career and wellbeing.
Social workers regularly find themselves embedded in other people’s lives, situations and even emotions; it is after all part of the job.
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