Local Authorities & Schools

How are students reintegrated back into mainstream school?

  • Many factors determine reintegration, including family support, ongoing mentoring/support from Ackerman Pierce & our tutors, pupil perceptions and the level of support from the local authority. We set CYP centric development goals, paying close attention to any underlying SEMH issues, factoring in the CYP previous experiences. Strong collaboration across the multi-agencies, delivery of individualised plans dependent on the CYP needs, and on-going monitoring of progress allow us to identify when the time is right for the CYP to start an initial phased reintegration or full-time reintegration in mainstream education (whatever is best for the CYP).

How do AP ensure CP safeguarding is adhered to?

  • Ackerman Pierce is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of Children and we expect all our internal team to share this commitment. We attach great importance to the quality of our registration procedure and are guided by the DfE Keeping Children Safe in Education guidance June 2023. It is our policy to ensure that all relevant preregistration checks are carried out by staff who are trained in safeguarding procedures and have had NSPCC Safer Recruitment training in Education. Team members will always report to an Ackerman Pierce DSO in the event of a child protection issue, who will liaise with the relevant agencies.

How to AP quality control their tutors works?

  • We conduct regular performance reviews of our tutors, with ongoing formal supervision, and regularly seek feedback from parents, pupils and schools.

What vetting process does AP follow

  • When recruiting additional team members who take part in regulated activities involving children, Ackerman Pierce ensure we vet to the highest standard and in line with KCSIE and Safer Recruitment.

What do AP provide their tutors with before the alternative provision starts?

  • Dependent on the CYP we are working with, established during the planning meeting preplacement, we provide all our team members with starter packs (ensuring they have the correct resources available which is suitable for the child they have been paired with) and lesson planning support via educational platforms. All our team members are assigned a dedicated EDCo who will mentor and accompany our team on visits / meetings if needed and offer ongoing support. We provide continual CPD opportunities and on-going training. We supply our code of conduct and behaviour document outlining our expectations and a welcome pack which details their role and responsibility.

How frequently do AP speak to parents, tutors, case workers, LAs?

  • We believe in multi-agency collaboration to ensure the CYP has the best chance of reaching a positive outcome. We are in regular contact weekly, and more frequently if necessary – our EDCo’s are always available to speak to and offer support.

Do AP conduct follow up visits?

  • Follow-up visits are a key part of the process to ensure that pre-agreed objectives are being worked towards, and the CYP has the best chance of reaching a positive outcome. Visits to observe the tuition are carried out regularly, and no less than once per term.

Do we support our tutors during the placement?

  • All our team members are allocated their own EDCo, who will mentor, and accompany our tutors on visits / meetings if needed and offer ongoing support. We provide continual CPD opportunities and on-going training.

Do AP attend all planning and review meetings?

  • Yes, AP attends all multi-agency meetings where our contribution is required for the best interests of the CYP.

Where does the alternative provision take place?

  • The provision takes place in a location that best suits the needs of CYP. This includes online, at home, or in our carefully selected venues which are conveniently located for the CYP / parents.

Do AP conduct risk assessments of all venues?

  • Yes, all our venues are IOSH risk assessed, specific to the CYP, prior to the provision taking place.

How quickly can we facilitate a placement

  • We have the capacity to respond immediately to any urgent referrals. We can facilitate a placement within 24 hours of receiving information. We always have a pool of quality, cleared tutors ready to start immediately.

Do you have capacity to help if we have overflow issues

  • Short answer, yes!
  • In more depth – we go through an immediate process of analysis of the key overflow issues with our experienced team e.g. is it particular types of referrals, geographical areas or age groups. We then have access to an immediate talent pool to plug the gaps, preventing any CYP missing initial education, whilst making sure we strategise with the local authority to have a flow of tutors and infrastructure in place ensuring that the correct placement rate allows for our capacity to match the need of provision.

What age range do you provide provision for?

  • We offer support from KS1 through to KS5.

Are you Ofsted registered?

  • Ackerman Pierce are not an Ofsted registered school. We are a tuition service and can deliver up to 15 hours per week tuition per student.

How long have you been providing these services for?

  • We have been supporting various local authorities and delivering positive outcomes for CYP for 5 years.

Do you have a transparent quality assurance process?

  • Yes, we take quality assurance very seriously. We are regularly visited and audited by the local authorities we partner with, and believe transparency and collaboration is critical to deliver positive outcomes for CYP.
FAQs 5

Who are my points of contact at Ackerman Pierce?

  • Allocated a compliance officer during the onboarding process to get you fully compliant and ready for work.
  • Your own dedicated Education Delivery Co-Ordinator (EDCo) who will match you with interesting and rewarding tuition opportunities with a variety of CYP

How does my EDCo support me?

  • Your EDCo will setup and lead the initial multi-agency objectives outcomes meeting
  • They will attend your first session with a new CYP
  • Regular in person visits to offer support throughout the CYP placement

What resources are supplied by Ackerman Pierce?

  • Lesson planning support via educational platforms.
  • Educational materials supplied before your first session

Am I offered ongoing professional development opportunities?

  • Continued CPD to encourage professional growth and positive outcomes for CYP
  • We regularly setup CPD Workshops and online training sessions for our tutors and support staff

What are my working hours and is this during term time only?

  • We can offer a variety of flexible opportunities
  • All teaching takes place on weekdays between 8.30 – 16.30
  • Varying from 5-30 hours p/week, we will find you an opportunity that best fits your schedule and needs
  • Typically, our tutors only work during term time (unless in exceptional circumstances).

Do you offer a referral scheme if I recommend a colleague?

  • We have a £250 referral scheme. If you’re happy, help your colleagues/friends to find the role that makes them happy with AP.

Do I get expenses paid?

  • Mileage can no longer be claimed, however your excellent hourly rate reflects any potential travel costs incurred

How frequently do I get paid?

  • We pay all our teaching staff on weekly basis (Friday), a week in arrears.

Call our Education Delivery Co-Ordinator’s on 0800 122 3880 or email info@ackermanpierce.com.